Tax Preparation & Quickbooks Online (monthly service w/Tax)

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Efficient Tax Preparation and Online Monthly Accounting for your businesses.

After carefully preparing your accounting books for the calendar year, you receive your Taxes ready for your approval. You will sign them online and no more headache or worries... We take care of all the e-filing process for you.

Your accounting books will be prepared with Quickbooks Online and your Taxes will be prepared online without the need for "tax organizers". Upon request, upload all your tax documents to our secure portal, (Capital gains, IRAs, W-2, 1099, etc). Your business will benefit with speedy Tax Preparation and Cloud-Accounting workflow on a monthly basis. Prevent errors and enjoy online tax and accounting preparation.  

Our experts retrieve all your tax deductions from your Quickbooks Online account. We optimize your daily accounting work and report your taxes. We become your paperless, remote Master Accountant and Tax Preparation firm.  

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